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Pellons photo.

Pellons (White and Black):  Heat-stable white and black pellons for test printing. Pellons measure 16" x 18" and can be sold individually or in packages of 100 and cases of 500.

Pellon Roll photo.

Pellon Rolls:  Heat-stable white and black pellon rolls for test printing. Each roll measures 18" wide by 250 yards in length. The pellon rolls give you the ability to cut your own pellon sizes.

Test Tubes photo.

Test Tubes:  These rings of cotton or poly/cotton material are perfect for the most accurate test printing. They will not shrink under the flash unit and they can be fully cured. After they have been used, they make excellent rags. 25 lbs. cases of white, black, navy, assorted lights, and assorted dark are available.