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Thermolabels photo.

Thermolabels:  Inexpensive strips for determining the dryer temperature. #4 Thermolabels measure 240 F - 280 F, #5 Thermolabels measure 290 F - 330 F, #6 Thermolabels measure 340 F - 380 F.

Atkins Heat Probe photo.

Atkins Heat Probe:  This new temperature probe includes many new features including improved accuracy, 80% improved battery life, ten minute auto-off operation, lighter weight, and tool-free battery door operation for replacement. This is the most accurate method of checking your electric or gas conveyor dryer.

Cure-Rite Temperature Dots photo.

Cure-Rite Temperature Dots:  Inexpensive pink stickers to be placed next to a print and sent through the conveyor dryer. When the dot has changed color from pink to blue, the print is proven to be cured. The dots are packaged 50 per envelope.

Raytek Infrared Thermometer photo.

Raytek Infrared Thermometer:  This trigger actuated gun allows you to check heat press/heating element temperature immediately with a red laser pointer, thus eliminating improper cure problems.  Accuracy reading of +/- 3 degrees.


Important Notes:


* Not recommended to check ink cure temperature

* Perfect for checking dryer elements

* Look for hot spots and cold spots on a heat press