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Tekmar Formula TS-3 photo.

Tekmar Formula TS-3:  The exceptional spot cleaner Formula TS-3 is non-flammable. This cutting edge cleaning fluid will instantly remove 100% of cured plastisol inks along with water-based, puff, flock adhesive, and many other ink types.  Watch Video

Tekmar Formula TS-1 photo.

Tekmar Formula TS-1:  Tekmar Formula TS-1 is a high speed,non-flammable spotter for the toughest industrial type stains including grease, oil, dirt, marking pencil, lipstick, cosmetics, and other soils. It is safe on virtually all fabrics including silks and satin.  Watch Video

Tekmar Scorch Remover photo.

Tekmar Scorch Remover:  Instantly removes light to medium scorching from tees and sweats. It is simply sprayed on the scorched area and then the garment is run back through the dryer. It even works on sun discoloration. Its that simple. No more lost $$$ due to scorching.