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180 Series Glow-in-the-dark ink icon.

180 Series Glow-in-the-Dark:  We have two types of glow inks.  Our Phos-Flo inks are fluorescent/neon colors that glow in the dark.  The Phosphorescent inks are clear/milky white when seen in daylight.  All of these inks glow in the dark and under blacklights.  A white underbase is always recommended.


Best Features:


* Print a variety of glow-in-the-dark colors

* Create a white ink that glows with Phosphorescent inks

* Glow under blacklights

* Very easy special effect ink to print (no special instructions)

180 Series Metallic ink icon.

180 Series Metallic:  Nobody offers the color selection of metallic inks like One Stroke Inks.  Our color selection is huge.  With an exception of the fluorescent metallic colors, the bulk of our metallic inks are very opaque for screen printing on dark fabrics without a white underbase.  These colors allow for an easy-to-print special effect.


Best Features:


* Easy special effect ink for all equipment

* Achieve far better detail compared to glitter ink

* Bling!

180 Series Super Gel ink icon.

180 Series Super Gel:  If you want a simple special effect for your t-shirt, look no further.  The 180 Super Gel is a high-gloss clear ink for printing directly on t-shirts as a tone-on-tone look or for printing on top of ink colors.  The latter will provide a gel appearance with any color it is printed with.


Best Features:


* Stretchy finish

* Highest gloss print

* Special capillary film not needed

680 Series Puff ink icon.

680 Series Puff:  Looking for that old-school puff ink look?  Our 680 Puff Series is perfect for giving your print some dimension.  Whether you are screen printing tees, sweats, or the bottom of socks for use as "grippers", this ink will give you the puff and durability you require.


Best Features:


* Easy-to-print special effect ink.

* 680 Puff Base available for mixing into other inks.

* Huge color selection.

* Creamy viscosity.

Glitter Series ink icon.

Glitter Series:  Glitter Series is a custom ink series.  Although we have numerous glitter colors displayed in our Eclectic color book, you have the ability to make your own colors.  The glitter flake in this ink series is very large (.008 Hex).  This will require a 24 or 38 count screen mesh for best coverage.  This ink really sparkles!


Best Features:


* Big glitter flake for big sparkle

* Huge color selection

* Custom colors available

* Easy to print

Lumiflect ink icon.

Lumiflect:  Reflective screen printing made easy.  Lumiflect is an easy-to-print plastisol ink for cotton and poly/cotton tees, sweats, and other soft clothing.  Print the dark gray on safety yellow tees for excellent visibility day or night.  Silver is great on navy and black fabric.


Best Features:


* Easy-to-print fashion reflective

* 4 colors available (Lumiflect, Dark Gray, Silver, and Metallic Gold)

* Screen print through a variety of mesh counts

* Great coverage on dark fabrics

Soft-N-Easy HD Series ink icon.

Soft-N-Easy HD Series:  Screen printing high density prints does not have to be a difficult process.  The Soft-N-Easy HD Series is a high density ink which will not require the use of a thick capillary film.  The Soft-N-Easy HD inks will rise up in the dryer similar to a puff ink but without the puff texture.


Best Features:


* Far easier to screen print compared to regular high density ink

* No thick capillary film required

* Available in a huge selection of colors

Solarmax Series ink icon.

Solarmax Series:  Color-changing plastisol ink is here.  Solarmax inks are clear indoors and they change into a vivid color under sunlight.  We offer a blue, red, and yellow in the Solarmax Series.  Screen print these inks on white fabric or with a white underbase.


Best Features:


* Sneaky special effect

* Instantly changes color in the sunlight

* Slowly fades back to clear indoors

Sparkle Series ink icon.

Sparkle Series:  If you love the glitter look but need to screen print finer details, consider the Sparkle Series inks.  These inks are available in all the same colors as Glitter Series, except the glitter flake is half the size.  This allows screen printing through 61 and 86 count screen mesh.


Best Features:


* Easy-to-print special effect ink

* Smaller glitter flake allows for finer screen mesh

* Custom colors and color-combinations available

Velvet Series ink icon.

Velvet Series:  Did you know that you can achieve a suede look with plastisol ink?  Our Velvet Series inks will have a suede/velvet appearance once it has been heated to 320ºF.  This is great when you want a print to have texture.


Best Features:


* Easy-to-print special effect ink

* Available in stock and custom colors

* Perfect for adding texture to baseball, basketball, or football prints.  Think raised laces and dimples on the ball.