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Saatichem Remove PW4 photo.

Saatichem Remove PW4:  PW4 is a non-flammable press wash for textile printing. Color changes are quick and painless due to the strong cleaning ability of the PW4. The PW4 will also clean platens, squeegees, and equipment.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Our best on-press ink remover

* Will unclog mesh like a screen opener

* Fast color-changes

* Re-tape the screen immediately

OSI Orange Power Plus photo.

Orange Power Plus:  If you require a screen opener but do not like the smell, Orange Power Plus is for you.  This orange-scented aerosol is very quick to clean ink out of screens, squeegees, and platens.  It is also very effective when cleaning adhesives off of platens.


Best Features:


* Great for opening clogged mesh, cleaning squeegees, and platens.

* Powerful cleaner

* Will not dry as fast as screen opener but the scent makes it worth it

Sprayway Fast Open #957 photo.

Sprayway Fast Open #957:  A convenient and easy-to-use product designed to open dried-up areas on screens. Use FAST OPEN 957 at regular intervals to help prevent clogging and work delays.


Best Features:


* Quickest method of changing plastisol ink colors

* Dries very fast

* Re-tape immediately