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Pure Plus White ink icon.

Pure Plus White: Our original polyester screen printing ink for defeating dye migration is Pure Plus White.  This formula has been tested time and time again, yet it always does its job and produces bright white prints.


Best Features:


* Amazing opacity on dark fabric

* Excellent bleed resistance on 100% polyester

* Easy to print

Pure Plus Flex White ink icon.

Pure Plus Flex White: Screen printing 100% polyester fabric does not have to be difficult.  Pure Plus Flex White gives you the bleed resistance and flexibility required to create bright white prints which won't crack.


Best Features:


* Super-opaque

* Excellent bleed resistance

* Flexible for stretchy polyester

Athletic Plus Series ink icon.

Athletic Plus Series: Athletic Plus Series is one of our original polyester ink formulas designed to prevent dye migration on 100% polyester fabrics.  These colors are very opaque for printing on dark fabric without a white underbase.  Combine with Pure Plus White and you will have a bleed resistant, athletic feel on polyester uniforms.


Best Features:


* Extremely bleed resistant

* Great for numbering presses

* Colors such as gold and scarlet cover black and navy fabric

Hybrid Poly White ink icon.

Hybrid Poly White: Hybrid Poly White is a dye migration resistant version of our popular Hybrid White.  You still get the great feel and flexibility of the Hybrid White, with a big boost in bleed resistance for use on 100% polyester tees and uniforms.


Best Features:


* High opacity white

* Stops dye migration

* Very easy to print

* Flexible for stretchy polyester

Colormax Poly Series ink icon.

Colormax Poly Series: Fans of the Colormax white and colors will love Colormax Poly Series for printing 100% polyester fabrics.  These inks look and feel like the regular Colormax Series, they simply have the increased bleed resistance required for printing difficult polyester fabrics.


Best Features:


* Excellent bleed resistance

* Colors are very opaque on dark fabric

* Great ink for numbering machines

Versamax Extreme Series ink icon.

Versamax Extreme Series: Versamax Extreme Series is a low bleed plastisol ink for screen printing 100% polyester tees, uniforms, jackets, and bags.  The flexible, stretchy nature of Versamax inks make this a winner for many of the uniforms you will encounter.


Best Features:


* Low bleed formula for difficult polyester fabric

* Stretchy print

* Opaque for printing on dark fabric without an underbase

Pure White ink icon.

Pure White: Pure White is a flatter, smoother version of our highly successful Pure Plus White.  This gives the Pure White a better surface for printing colors on top of it.  Pure White still has outstanding resistance to dye migration and covers great on dark fabric.


Best Features:


* Smooth finish

* Bleed resistant for printing 100% polyester

* Better option for polyester underbase

Athletic Series ink icon.

Athletic Series: Athletic Series is a glossy, bleed resistant polyester ink for use on 100% polyester tees and uniforms.  This is an opaque ink for printing on dark fabrics without a white underbase.  Athletic Series also has the ability to stretch with fabrics that are not compression.


Best Features:


* Glossy appearance

* Very opaque and bleed resistant

* Huge color selection