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Franmar Scrub Handles photo.

Franmar Scrub Handles:  Removable scrub pad handle. Used with white, red, and blue pads.

Franmar Scrub Pad photo.

Franmar Scrub Pads:  Non-absorbent, super tough blue cleaning pads.  Cleans without doing damage to the emulsion or absorbing solvent. Re-usable handles available.

Franmar Series 8 photo.

Franmar Series 8:  Dirt, grime, and stains can be tough to get off your hands after a hard days work in the shop or around the house. Series 8 eliminates the hassle of scrubbing your hands to remove tough dirt, grime, and stains, letting you wash them off quickly and easily with water! Yes that’s right, with water.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Perfect for the screen printing industry

* Put an end to ink stains on your hands

* Use far less hand cleaner

* Speeds up your day

Franmar Soy Scrub photo.

Franmar Soy Scrub:  Soy Scrub™ makes a hard worker's hands feel clean again by getting rid of the dirt and grime of a hard job done well. This hand cleaner is made from American grown soybeans and finely ground Missouri pumice for extra cleaning power.


Features & Benefits:


* Cleans fast

* Soybean product

* Convenient packaging with pump

OSI Hand Wipes photo.

OSI Hand Wipes:  OSI Hand Wipes are a must-have item for keeping by the press. If you get ink on your hands, these wipes will easily remove the ink without drying out your hands. Each wipe has a citrus scent and an abrasive and non-abrasive side. 70 wipes to a container and six containers to a case.

Saatichem Chemical Resistant Scrub Pads photo.

Saatichem Chemical Resistant Scrub Pads:  These chemical resistant scrub pads will withstand punishment much longer in the de-hazing, degreasing, and reclaiming process. The handle is permanently attached to the scrub pad.

Saatichem Remove HC8 photo.

Saatichem Remove HC8:  Remove HC8 is a hand cleaner particularly effective at removing UV-cured and plastisol inks.  It also contains a triple blend of emollient, moisturizer and conditioner to protect the skin and prevent chapping or drying through repeated use.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Cherry scent

* Moisturizes extremely well

* Leaves no ink stain on hands

* Gritty

Spray Bottle photo.

Spray Bottles:  These sprayers have a higher output than standard trigger sprayers. Great chemical resistance. Adjustable nozzle to a more accurate flow control. Provides finest mist to a jet stream.

Vinyl Gloves photo.

Vinyl Gloves:  Vinyl gloves (latex free). Available in medium, large, or extra large. Our gloves come packaged 100 per box and they can be used on either hand.