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Franmar Ickee Stickee Unstuck photo.

Franmar Ickee Stickee Unstuck:  What printer doesn't know about that "ickee stickee" stuff that builds up on palettes, equipment and even the floor? Well, that's why there is Ickee Stickee Unstuck! One little squirt of Ickee Stickee Unstuck eliminates adhesive build up in a flash. It's also great for cleaning ink spills.


Best Features:


* Unique cleaning product for any shop

* Best adhesive remover

* Safe

* Soybean chemical

Sprayway C-60 Degreaser photo.

Sprayway C-60 Degreaser:  Removes grease, dirt, oil, printing ink, tar, grime, adhesive, and resins from Energized Electrical Equipment. Will not harm most metals and painted surfaces. Electric motors and generators may be cleaned while in use, when used in properly ventilated areas. Energized Equipment use only. Not to be used for motorized vehicle maintenance, or their parts.

Sprayway Clean Jet 100 photo.

Sprayway Clean Jet 100:  The No. 805 Clean Jet 100 is a portable source of ultra-clean gas for precision removal of dirt, lint and other particulates. This product is non-flammable, ultra- filtered dust remover with pinpoint jet accuracy delivering a blast or air up to 100 psi at 68°F and is guaranteed to leave no residue on any surface being cleaned

Sprayway SW077 All Purpose Dry Lubricant photo.

Sprayway SW077 All Purpose Dry Lubricant:  The dry lubricant & release agent stops sticking and retards corrosion. This silicone spray eliminates annoying squeaks in hinges, latches, springs, etc. It leaves no greasy or oily film and is not affected by water or oil. The heat stable formula will not freeze or melt.