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Franmar Bean-e-doo photo.

Franmar Bean-e-doo:  The cleaning power combined with the unique attributes of this ink remover makes it truly amazing!  Bean-e-doo is naturally made from 100% soybeans.  Replaces mineral spirits.  A clean air solvent.  No dangerous vapors.  Biodegradable and non-toxic.  Removes tape residue on frame edge.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Safest ink remover

* Non-toxic

* No harsh odor

* Soybean chemical

Franmar Greeneway photo.

Franmar Greeneway:  Replaces mineral spirits. Does not clean up tape residue on frame edges. Ideal for on-press color changes. Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable. Fresh aroma. Concentrate: Mix 50:50 with water.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Concentrate (mix with water)

* Works on-press or off-press

* Non-toxic

* Soybean chemical

OSI Screen Wash photo.

OSI Screen Wash:  Biodegradable ink degrader or screen wash. May be applied with spray bottle, cloth, or used with a cleaning system. Can be used on-press or off-press in the washout booth.  Packaged in 1 gallon pails or 5 gallon pails.


Best Features:


* Low odor

* Clean ink on or off press

* Economical

OSI Universal Ink Remover photo.

OSI Universal Ink Remover:  OSI Universal Ink Remover is an off-press ink remover or screen wash for removing plastisol ink.  Use it straight out of the bucket or make a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio for an ultra-economical blend of ink remover.


Best Features:


* Citrus scent

* Powerful ink remover

* Ecomomical price

Saatichem Remove IR4 photo.

Saatichem Remove IR4:  Water-driven ink remover. Remove IR4 is a biodegradable ink remover designed to clean screens off-press. The product has a light orange odor, and is slightly viscous to help it cling to the screen.  Watch Video




* Spray screens with water BEFORE spraying with IR4

* Use a scrub pad to work the IR4 into the screen

* Rinse screen off with a lot of water

Saatichem Remove IR10 photo.

Saatichem Remove IR10:  High-speed screen printing shops require chemicals that clean in a hurry.  Remove IR10 has serious ink-breaking power.  This is the recommended ink remover for use with Textil PV emulsion.


Best Features:


* Works best with Textil PV emulsion (will not harden emulsion)

* Will clean plastisol, UV, and poster inks

* Use a little chemical and a lot of water for great savings per screen

Saatichem Remove IR26 photo.

Saatichem Remove IR26:  IR26 is the most powerful ink remover we have ever tested for use in the washout booth.  This is a concentrate.  Mix 1:1 with water for the perfect solution or use straight out of the bucket for ultimate strength.  *Be sure to mix with water for use on non-solvent resistant emulsions.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Amazing cleaning power

* Concentrate (mix 1:1 or 2:1 with water)

* Drain safe

* Green apple scent

Saatichem Remove PW4 photo.

Saatichem Remove PW4:  PW4 is a non-flammable press wash for textile printing. Color changes are quick and painless due to the strong cleaning ability of the PW4. The PW4 will also clean platens, squeegees, and equipment.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Our best on-press ink remover

* Will unclog mesh like a screen opener

* Fast color-changes

* Re-tape the screen immediately

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