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Curable Reducer photo.

Curable Reducer:  Curable reducer will cure by itself into a soft, durable film. It may be added at higher proportions than non-curable reducers with little effect on cure properties.  This may be added to virtually any plastisol ink (not low temperature ink).

Hot Split Reducer photo.

Hot Split Reducer:  Hot split ink reducer.  Specifically formulated for the 380 Series hot split transfer inks. Use 3-5% of Hot Split Reducer to reduce viscosity without changing the gel properties of hot split inks. Use of more than 10% is not recommended.

Nylon Catalyst photo.

Nylon Catalyst:  Add nylon catalyst to 222 Series or ELT Series ink for printing on waterproof or water resistant fabrics.  Using a scale, measure 10% nylon catalyst to 90% ink.  Once you have mixed the nylon catalyst, you only have a few hours before the ink will harden in the screen.  Be sure to clean the screens and squeegees immediately.

Reducer #2 photo.

Reducer #2:  Use this reducer to reduce the viscosity in most plastisol inks. Reducer #2 will remain as an integral component of the cured design. Gel and fusion temperature properties of the base plastisol could change with the addition of this product.

Thickening Powder photo.

Thickening Powder:  This is an instant way to thicken your plastisol inks. The Thickening Powder is a very light powder that you can stir directly into your inks. Unlike the Visco Plus, it will act immediately.

Visco Minus photo.

Visco Minus:  The Visco Minus is a chemical reducer designed to lower ink viscosity without harming the color stability or strength of the plastisol. Very little Visco Minus is needed to lower the viscosity of even the thickest inks.

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