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Ergo Scoop photo.

Ergo Scoop:  The perfect ink spatula. This plastic spatula is designed with an ergonomic shaped handle allowing for better grip. Sharp on two sides so you can scoop/clean with your right or left hand. Mineral spirit and solvent resistant. Available in packages of 12.


Best Features:


* Long enough to sit in a gallon bucket without getting ink on the handle

* Ergonomic grip

* Very economical

Pantone Book photo.

Pantone Books:  Solid Coated and Solid Uncoated Pantone books in one convenient bundle.  Your customers ask for them.  Your artist references them.  These colors are everywhere: embroidery threads, heat press material, plastisol ink, etc.  Get an updated Pantone book every two years as these books will fade over time.

Mixing Drill Bit photo.

Mixing Drill Bit:  The unique four-way counteraction churns the mixture in opposite directions with no splash. The holes in the fins chop up lumps and dry spots for a complete mix. Adjustable wheel spacing for different size containers. Balanced for long drill bearing life.  Gallon and 5 gallon size available.