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Siser Easyweed heat press material icon.

Siser Easyweed:  Easyweed is a polyurethane, ready-to-cut heat press material designed for custom garment decoration.  The pressure sensitive carrier allows you to weed very small letters and fine details easily.  Easyweed is much thinner than other film materials.  Because of its thinness, it is extremely easy to cut, weed, and apply.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* CPSIA Certified

* Thin, and soft

* Matte finish appears much like screen printing

* Weed very fine details

Siser Easyweed Extra heat press material icon.

Siser Easyweed Extra:  EasyWeed™ Extra has almost all the same great benefits of EasyWeed™ with the bonus of adhering to nylon! The pressure-sensitive carrier which makes cutting detailed logos and designs a breeze. The ability to peel your designs HOT or COLD offers you the option to peel each item as it comes off the press, or to peel later.  Looking to provide multi-color designs for your customers? EasyWeed™ Extra - with its semi-gloss finish, can be layered.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* CPSIA Certified

* Can be layered

* Adhere to waterproof items

Siser Easyweed Stretch heat press material icon.

Siser Easyweed Stretch:  Performance wear has met its match! Siser EasyWeed™ Stretch delivers all the benefits of our EasyWeed™ heat transfer material and combines it with super stretchability to create one remarkable heat transfer material! The thinnest of any Siser material, EasyWeed™ Stretch has an ultra-matte finish and a soft hand that’s available in 12 popular colors, including silver and gold.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* CPSIA Certified

* 85 microns

* Can be layered

Siser Easyweed Sub Block heat press material icon.

Siser Sub Block:  If you often press letters, numbers, and logos on top of 100% polyester uniforms, Easyweed Sub Block will protect you from dye migration problems.  Available in white and Barcelona yellow, you can layer Easyweed colors on top to protect other light colors from bleeding.


Best Features:


* Most bleed resistant material for polyester decorating

* Easy-to-weed material

* The only way to heat press on top of sublimated polyester

Siser Easyweed Cadflex heat press material icon.

Siser Cadflex:


CADflex™ is a heat transfer vinyl with a non-stick carrier that makes it perfect for stocking up and storing athletic names, numbers and team logos.  The nonstick backing allows for easy weeding of your lettering and numbers.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* 90 microns thick

* PVC composition

* Layering not recommended

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