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Heat Press Material:  One Stroke Inks is one of the largest distributors of Siser heat press material.  The most popular is Easyweed, a thin material which provides a premium feel and allows for fine detail weeding.  We also offer heat press material for stretchy fabric, waterproof fabric, and special effects.


Choose from the following categories:  standard material or special effect material


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Printable Heat Press Material:  One Stroke Inks distributes Siser Colorprint materials.  These are digital materials for use with a printer/cutter.  We offer printable materials which decorate cotton and poly/cotton, as well as athletic fabrics such as polyester and nylon.


Our most popular Colorprint materials include: Colorprint Easy, Colorprint PU, and Colorprint Sublithin


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Heat Press Accessories:  Pillows, blades, weeding tools, vinyl remover...we have all sorts of accessories for serious heat press decorators.  If you are looking for those small items which may help you out of a jam or simply make your job easier, this is the place to be!


Our most popular accessories include: Heat Press Pillows, Tekmar TS-VLR, and Vinyl Weeders


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Heat Press Equipment:  One Stroke Inks distributes heat press equipment from Roland and Hotronix.  These are well respected brands which have manufactured high quality equipment in this industry for years.


Our most popular equipment includes: Roland GS-24 and Hotronix Auto Open Clam Press


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