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OSI Double-Sided Laser Opaque photo.

OSI Double-Sided Laser Opaque Film:  This is quite simply the best laser film we have to offer.  OSI Double-Sided Laser Opaque is a 4 mil. thick, cloudy film with the best heat stability we have ever tested.  If you need accurate registration with a laser printer, this is your film.


Best Features:


* 4 mil. thick

* Most heat stable laser film

* Cloudy, allowing for darker prints

* Best registration

OSI Double-Sided Laser Clear photo.

OSI Double-Sided Laser Clear Film:  Clear laser films are often not heat stable, causing registration problems.  OSI Double-Sided Clear is extremely heat stable for faster and more accurate registration.  4 mil. thick film.  For use with any laser printer or copier.


Best Features:


* 4 mil. thick

* Heat stable

* Clear film, not cloudy

Caseys Translucency photo.

Caseys Translucency:  Better than vellum!  Caseys Translucency is a vellum-like paper designed for laser printers and copiers.  More heat stable than vellum and less cost compared to laser film.  This is a great option for simple art and one-color prints.


Best Features:


* Economical

* Heat stable for better registration when compared to vellum

* Works with any laser printer or copier

Caseys Laser Film photo.

Caseys Laser Film:  High quality polyester film designed for laser printers and copiers.  Laser film is an excellent upgrade to vellum or translucency as it is more heat stable.  Caseys Laser Film is mostly clear.


Best Features:


* Clear, not cloudy

* Heat stable

Kimoto Kimodesk Laser Film photo.

Kimoto Kimodesk Laser Film:  Kimodesk is a high quality laser film with excellent heat stability leading to better registration.  White in color, this 3 mil. thick film will give you darker prints when compared to a clear laser film.


Best Features:


* 3 mil. thick

* Darker prints

* Cloudy, white appearance

* Heat stable (improves registration)

Lithopaque Pens photo.

Lithopaque Pens:  These touch up pens help repair film positives.  Available in fine and ultra-fine tips for use with any art work.


Best Features:


* Fast drying

* Easy to use

* Draw your own art work

Sprayway Toner Aide photo.

Sprayway Toner Aide:  Darken the laser toner on vellum, acetate, transparencies, or paper.  Simply spray this aerosol over the film positive and allow a few minutes to dry.  Toner Aide helps prevent your image area from getting exposed and helps create crisp edges.


Best Features:


* Repairs light prints

* Convenient solution

* Makes rinsing out an image much easier