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H2O Proof Inkjet Film photo.

H2O Proof Inkjet Film:  Put simply, H2O Proof is our highest quality waterproof inkjet film.  It has the ability to accept the thickest ink deposits for creating the sharpest art work possible.  Also, if you experience banding problems, H2O Proof will likely put an end to them...and it will still dry nearly instantly.


Best Features:


* Highest quality inkjet film

* Accepts extremely thick ink deposits without smudging

* Dries nearly instantly

* Unlikely to experience curling problems

OSI Inkjet Film photo.

OSI Inkjet Film:  Waterproof inkjet film for use as a film positive.  Storage is no problem with waterproof inkjet film as it will last for years.  It will be dry immediately after exiting the printer.  Unlike many inkjet films, OSI Inkjet Film is unlikely to have curling problems.


Best Features:


* Best inkjet film for the money

* No curling

* Dries nearly instantly

Fast Proof Inkjet Film photo.

Fast Proof Inkjet Film:  Fast Proof is a semi-waterproof inkjet film.  What does that mean?  You get a film which dries almost instantly at the price of a non-waterproof inkjet film.  This is an economical option for those not needing to store films long-term.


Best Features:


* Fast dry time

* Economical price

* More durable than non-waterproof inkjet film

Caseys Inkjet Film photo.

Caseys Inkjet Film:  Only for dye-based inks.  Caseys Inkjet Film is an economical, non-waterproof film requiring 5 to 10 minutes of dry time.  Not recommended for pigment-based ink.


Best Features:


* Clear film

* Economical pricing

* Works great with the Epson 3000 printer

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