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Tekmar Exhaustex 1500 photo.

Tekmar Exhaustex 1500:  The European styled Exhaustex 1500 is the affordable answer to exposure and compliance problems.  A large stainless steel screen and arm allow cleaning of any shape garment. The Super powerful vacuum unit, will dry the heaviest fabrics and vent away the chemical vapors.  This compact unit has an exclusive chemical dam, ensuring that all liquid is evaporated.


The vented cabinet ensures long motor life and cool operation. Rubber Isolation feet allows vibration free operation and stability. A universal power outlet and adapter lead are provided for a cleaning gun, along with a 10 ft. chemical resistant exhaust hose and clamp.  Watch Video

Tekmar Exhaustex 2000 photo.

Tekmar Exhaustex 2000:


The Exhaustex 2000 ushers in a new era of unsurpassed performance in spot cleaning technology. The powerful 2 speed vacuum motor, will instantly remove airborne contaminants from the work area, that are generated by the spot cleaning process. The secondary stainless steel chemical shield vacuums away all over-spray that it captures.


The rotatable stainless steel arm can be adjusted for optimal cleaning efficiency and safety. Included in the system is a refillable activated carbon (Charcoal) filtration unit. This easy to recharge filter unit, allows the Exhaustex 2000 to be safely used inside the production facility. For optimal performance and safety, the unit can also be conventionally vented to the outside.  Watch Video

Tekmar Gun Stand photo.

Tekmar Gun Stand:  Provides a stable platform to hang a spot cleaning gun. Fully rotatable, this 48 inch high stand can be mounted to any table surface. The sturdy, powder coated steel stand, can support the heaviest of spot cleaning guns.

Tekmar Kwik Kool photo.

Tekmar Kwik Kool:  The KWIK KOOL allows immediate printing following a flash cure unit, without the need for cool down station.  The exclusive Air Curtain provides a cooling blast of air, while the automatic spray gun applies an atomized mist of water and high-grade silicone. KWIK KOOL is easily installed between the flash cure unit and the next print head.


This low voltage system, utilizes an adjustable electronic timer and a solid state proximity sensor, to monitor the position of the pallets and control the spray duration. The compact integrated air driven pump, allows safe operation and delivers a smooth supply of cooling spray to the stainless steel tipped spray gun.


An optional remote control (US models Only) allows the press operator to control the system from a remote location.  Watch Video


Tekmar Silicone photo.

Tekmar Silicone (For Kwik Kool System):  KWIK KOOL Silicone Concentrate is packaged in convenient 1 quart containers (4 packs) that can be mixed with tap water to make 5 gal (19 liters).

Tekmar Super Gun Kit photo.

Tekmar Super Gun Kit:  The kit includes (1) TG125 Spot Cleaning Gun, 1 Gallon TS-3 Premium Spot Cleaning Fluid, 16oz Scorch Remover, and 8oz TBHV Water Based Pallet Adhesive.  This is a limited kit so we are offering them while supplies last.  Watch Video

Tekmar TB-500 Adhesive System photo.

Tekmar TB-500 Adhesive System:  The Target System TB-500 is the ideal replacement for aerosol adhesives.  Perfect for small to medium sized screen printing shops, working with manual and automatic presses.  Snapping easily onto a special 1 gallon bucket, the exceptional economy of the system eliminates the need for frequent refills.  Fully adjustable for both fluid and air flows, the stainless steel tipped spray gun utilizes HVLP technology, allowing the application of a perfect mist coating of adhesive, while minimizing overspray.  Watch Video

Tekmar TB-1000 Adhesive System photo.

Tekmar TB-1000 Adhesive System:  The TB-1000 is the last word in semi-automatic adhesive application systems.  Designed to be used with Tekbond Water based adhesive, this revolutionary product delivers savings of up to 600% over aerosols alone.  Twin spray guns.

Tekmar TG-125 Spot Cleaning Gun photo.

Tekmar TG-125 Spot Cleaning Gun:  The TG-125 is an affordable gun with deluxe features normally found on guns costing twice as much. Included is a fully adjustable nozzle, to allow use on even the most delicate fabrics with virtual ring-proof cleaning. 110v.  Lightweight and ergonomic.  Watch Video

Tekmar TG-200 Spot Cleaning Gun photo.

Tekmar TG-200 Spot Cleaning Gun:  Often called "old faithful" the TG-200 is an updated version of the all metal classic gun design. As with the TG-125 this gun comes complete with the Target adjustable nozzle. It is also available with the air dryer and direct feed hose attachment. 110v.  Watch Video

Tekmar TG-300 Spot Cleaning Gun photo.

Tekmar TG-300 Spot Cleaning Gun:  The handle is molded from Fiberglass reinforced Styrene, to resist breakage. The ergonomic design of the gun distributes the weight over the whole hand and wrist, helping to reduce operator fatigue. The extra wide container, makes the TG300 more stable and helps eliminate accidental breakage.  Watch Video

Tekmar TG-125 Nozzle photo.

Tekmar TG-125 Nozzle:  Replacement nozzle for the Tekmar TG-125 spot cleaning gun.

Tekmar Weight Balancer photo.

Tekmar Weight Balancer:  Allows gun to be suspended at the correct work height. Fully adjustable, it reduces operator fatigue and eliminates costly breakage due to accidental dropping of gun.