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Custom Wood Platens photo.

Custom Wood Platens:  We have a variety of wood platen replacements to suit your printing needs.  Whether you are printing infant, youth, or adult-sized items, we will have a platen size and shape for you.  Easily attach your existing bracket to replace your platen.

Hotronix Auto Open Clam Press photo.

Hotronix Auto Open Clam Press 16" x 16":  Get ready to multi-task with the auto open clam heat press by Hotronix.  Patented magnetic auto-open feature prevents over-application and conveniently lifts when the time is up.


Best Features:


* Three sizes available 16″ x 20″, 16″ x 16″, 11″ x 15″

* Easy-to read digital time, temperature, and pressure display for consistent printing

* Locks down easily with patented magnetic assist, causing less fatigue on wrists and shoulders

* Twin Timer™ allows user to pre-set individual time settings for two-step application or for pre-heating and application

* Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment for even, edge-to-edge heat and pressure regardless of the substrate thickness

Hotronix Heat Press Caddie photo.

Hotronix Heat Press Caddie:  Threadability™, the latest innovation from Stahls' Hotronix®, allows you to load your garment on to the press and decorate the front, back or side without having to remove it from the platen. This patented time-saving feature increases productivity up to 40 percent.  We have a counter caddie for use on a table top and a floor caddie for use as a rolling stand.


Best Features:


* Easy to assemble

* Increase production time

* One year warranty

Roland GS-24 Ultimate Vinyl Kit photo.

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter:  The Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 desktop cutter is precision and efficiency to the max. With a completely redesigned cutting carriage and blade holder, the GS-24 offers great stability, up to 10x overlap cutting and down force of up to 350 grams so that you can cut like never before — even on thick, dense substrates. The GS-24 is Roland's best desktop cutter ever.


Best Features:


* Cut a variety of heat press material and sign material

* Excellent price point for a workhorse machine

* Accurate cutting so fine detail will weed properly

Roland 45º Blades photo.

Roland 45º Blades:  45º degree vinyl cutter blades for use with the Roland GS-24 and Roland GX-24.  Sold in packages of 3 blades.

Roland 45º Blades photo.

Roland 60º Blades:  60º degree vinyl cutter blades for use with the Roland GS-24 and Roland GX-24.  Sold in packages of 3 blades.

Roland Cutter Protection Strip photo.

Roland Cutter Protection Strip:  A cutter protection strip is extremely important to the quality of your Roland.  If your cutter protection strip is damaged, it is likely to cause problems with accurate cutting.  Corners of your art work may not cut all of the way.  Portions of your art work may not cut at all (or cut too deep).  This is an inexpensive item to replace, yet very important.