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BBC Afford-A-Flash photo.

BBC Afford-A-Flash:  The Afford-a-Flash™ Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. is simply ideal for new screen print shops and startups, or as an auxiliary system in established shops. Highlighted by our exemplary Black Body® heater, the Afford-a-Flash Dryer comes standard with a 10-foot cord, stand, and casters.


Best Features:


* 2 sizes: 16"x16" and 18"x18"

* Includes stand and casters

* Heater head adjustment lever

* 1 year warranty

BBC Air Flash photo.

BBC Air Flash:  A combined infrared and pass-through air dryer, the Air Flash Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. is ideal for flashing or curing water-based or plastisol inks. This powerful dryer uses forced air. Holes spaced evenly across the infrared heater face create a remarkably level spread of air. A blower in the rear of the dryer provides a steady stream of air through to the T-shirt.


Best Features:


* Forced air pushes away moisture given off by the ink, which can absorb some of the heat given off by regular flash units.

* Keeps the T-shirt slightly cooler, greatly reducing the possibility of scorching.

* Magnetic handle (can be placed anywhere on the Air Flash if running the dryer manually).

BBC Auto Flash photo.

BBC Auto Flash:  The Auto Flash Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. is a perfect flash dryer for your automatic press. Each model includes one Black Flash® dryer and may be inserted at any print head using its adjustable bracket that fits many automatic presses today. The bracket fits easily onto the floodbar and will shuttle out over the platen as the floodbar moves. The bracket also allows the dryer to be angled so that the dryer face is level with the platen.


This lightweight Auto Flash Dryer model is easily moved to place the flash exactly where you need it on your press.

BBC Big Buddy 3 photo.

BBC Big Buddy III:  The Big Buddy III Conveyor Dryer from BBC Industries, Inc. is the best conveyor dryer for a manual shop expecting to grow. It is much more than its size and price. Unique technology, capacity, and controls put the Big Buddy III Conveyor Dryer at the top of its class.


Best Features:


* 300+ Plastisol Prints per Hour

* Auto Plateau™ Technology

* 2-Digit Belt Speed Control

* Hassle-Free Belt Tracking

BBC Black Flash photo.

BBC Black Flash:  Introduced in 1982, the Black Flash Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. has become the preferred flash/cure dryer in the screen print industry because of its efficiency and reliability. Consistent heat radiation over the entire element surface ensures every print is properly flashed or cured. We offer a wide range of sizes, wattages, voltages, and accessories. Made to last, the Black Flash® Dryer is built to be your all-purpose flash dryer for many years.


Best Features:


* Large selection of models

* Rotates 360 degrees

* 3-Year Limited Warranty on Heating Elements

BBC Digi Cure photo.

BBC Digi Cure:  Our Digi-Cure™ professional conveyor dryer is a combination infrared and convection oven designed for digital-to-garment printers, allowing you to take full control of your cure with its many features.


Keep colors vibrant and intense on your digitally printed t-shirts with Digi-Cure™, designed in conjunction with direct-to-garment manufacturers. Giving you greater quality and production than a heat press, the Digi-Cure™ is also excellent for curing water-based and plastisol inks.

BBC Flash-Amatic photo.

BBC Flash-Amatic:  The Flash-Amatic™ is an excellent addition to your manual press. It turns any BBC Flash Dryer into a foot pedal operated automatic. Control your flash from up to 15 ft with a foot pedal. No longer must you stand next to your Flash Dryer and count seconds. Simply set the easily adjustable dwell timer to the total seconds desired (0 seconds to 10 minutes) and hit the foot pedal for repeatability that creates a “sure cure” time. The Flash-Amatic™ will take care of the rest.


The Flash-Amatic™ has been tested rotating our largest Flash Dryer (the BF5-5500S), and the test was stopped at 150,000 consecutive cycles!

BBC Floor Stand photo.

BBC Floor Stand:  BBC Industries offers floor stand options to custom fit your work area.  These options include a low profile dryer stand and a height adjustable mechanism.


The Black Flash® Dryer Stand by BBC Industries, Inc. can become a Low Profile Dryer Stand simply by replacing its two long legs with two short legs, freeing up walkways from tripping hazards. It's also perfect when used with our automatic swinger, the Flash-A-Matic™.


Height Adjustable Mechanism Raises or Lowers the Black Flash® Dryer Instantly – Available on All Models.


BBC Forced Air Dryer photo.

BBC Forced Air Dryer:  The Forced Air Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. is an all-in-one conveyor dryer designed for any ink – digital, water based, or plastisol. A process mode switch and lots of power make this dryer ideal for the modern digital-to-garment or screen printer.


Best Features:


* Infrared and Convection Dryer

* Digital Temp and Dwell Time Displays

* Process Mode Switch Alters Heat Profile (depending on your printing process)

* Controls and Chamber Body are Cool to the Touch

BBC Heat Controls photo.

BBC Heat Controls:  Heat Controls for our Black Flash® and Little Buddy II Dryers attach to any existing floor stand and control line voltage from 0-100%. A 10 ft power cord with plug is included. Very simply, plug your Black Flash® or Little Buddy II into the appropriate Heat Control, and then plug the Heat Control into the wall.


BBC Little Buddy II photo.

BBC Little Buddy II:  The Little Buddy II conveyor dryer by BBC Industries is the ideal dryer for small shops, short runs, and on-site jobs.  A great finisher, featuring better exhaust and insulation to keep your shop cooler.  Compact, light weight, and versatile, it can dry up to 100 shirts per hour.  Units are available in 120 or 240 volts.  BBC designed the Little Buddy II to get you on your feet and running for many years.

BBC Rolling Casters photo.

BBC Rolling Casters:  Wheels for your BBC stand.  Whether you have a standard duty (BF1 & BF2) or a heavy duty (BF3, BF4, and BF5), these rolling casters will give you mobility.

BBC T-Series Dryer photo.

BBC T-Series Dryer:  Power and options galore describe the heavyweight production of the Industrial Infrared Ovens T Series from BBC Industries, Inc. Sixteen different models offer a combination of belt width, bed length, oven chamber, voltages, and belt material. Digital controls and a lot of heat put the power in your hands.


T Series Industrial Infrared Ovens provide maximum production capacity. With the ability to keep up with any press or multiple, T Series Industrial Infrared Ovens will never disappoint. Also, unlike any other oven in the industry, you can customize the size and strength of your T Series oven with many options.