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Autotype Exposure Calculator photo.

Autotype Exposure Calculator:  Perfect for beginners or those with a new exposure unit as it will determine the exposure time for any emulsion and screen mesh.

Saatichem Fixer 9 photo.

Saatichem Fixer 9:  Emulsion hardener.  Perfect for those with numbering machines/presses as Fixer 9 will prevent emulsion breakdown.  Simply expose a screen, rinse out the image, and allow it to dry.  Once dry, spray the Fixer 9 over the entire screen (front and back) and allow to dry.


Best Features:


* Creates permanent stencils

* Prevents loss of numbering screens

* Very simple process

Saatiprint 21 Step Sensitivity Guide photo.

Saatiprint 21 Step Sensitivity Guide:  Find the ideal exposure time fast with a 21 Step Sensitivity Guide.  Simply tape one of these to your screen, expose, and give the emulsion a hard rinse.  Depending on how many squares remain, the guide will give you the perfect exposure time.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Re-usable

* Prevents troubles with locked-in emulsion

* Achieve better detail

* Fast and easy-to-use

Sefar Scoop Coater photo.

Sefar Scoop Coater:  Coat liquid emulsion like a pro with the Sefar Scoop Coater.  This design makes it very easy to hold with only one hand.  It will rest on a table safely without tipping over.  The coater has a sharp edge and a round edge, allowing for thin or thick emulsion deposits.  We include an edge guard to protect from shipping damage.