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Franmar d-Grease photo.

Franmar d-Grease:  Degreaser and screen dryer. Helps eliminate pin-holing. Ready to use. Rinses clean with hot or cold water. Removes solvent residues that interfere with tape sticking. Made from distilled corn oil. 100% biodegradable.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Our most economical degreaser

* Prevents pinholes

* Will also clean exposure glass

* Made from distilled corn oil

Saatichem Direct Prep 1 photo.

Saatichem Direct Prep 1:  Abrade, degrease, and prime new mesh for stencil making. This is always necessary with new screens and virgin screen mesh (with the exception of Saatilene Hi-R mesh).


Best Features:


* Roughens and prepares new monofilament synthetic fabric for superior emulsion adhesion.

* Dyed color ensures complete rinse from mesh.

* Highly recommended for use with capillary film.

Saatichem Direct Prep 2 photo.

Saatichem Direct Prep 2:  Powerful degreaser to be used after removing the emulsion.  If you do not use a degreaser, the scum and impurities from the reclaiming process will cause pinholes, fish eyes, and streaks.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Blue color ensures complete rinse from mesh

* Highly recommended for use with photopolymer emulsion

* Wetting agent

Saatichem Remove HR6 photo.

Saatichem Remove HR6:  Safe, non-caustic haze remover/degreaser.  Remove HR6 is a pink, semi-viscous paste with a mild cherry scent.  Watch Video


Best Features:


* Safe-to-use

* Will not harm screen mesh (even when left on the screen)

* Powerful degreaser

* Smells great