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Watercolor ink icon.

Watercolor: Plastisol replacement for water-based screen printing inks.  Watercolor has the softness of water-based inks without the drawbacks such as drying in the screen and long cure times with high cure temperatures.  Watercolor inks are perfect for a vintage look.  Add a discharge base for vibrant colors on black tees.


Best Features:


* Will not dry in your screen

* No special drying time or temperature needed

* Super-soft print

* Vintage/worn look and feel

480 Series ink icon.

480 Series: Simply the easiest-to-print plastisol ink for cotton and poly/cotton T-shirts, the 480 Series is the go-to ink on light fabrics or when a white underbase is present.  This is also the best ink for wet-on-wet printing techniques as it will not build up on the back of the next screen as quickly as opaque inks.


Best Features:


* Soft feel

* Huge color selection

* Great for wet-on-wet printing

* We can add W.O.W. Additive to make it the ultimate wet-on-wet ink

Comfort FF Series ink icon.

Comfort FF Series: Softer prints.  Faster flash time.  Incredible fuzz hold-down.  Comfort FF Series white and colors will make your customers love you and your printers will thank you.  This is a very easy ink to print with as the ink viscosity is "fluffy".  The crazy-fast flash time will prevent problems such as scorching and shrinking.


Best Traits:


* Flash cures quickly, protecting your fabric from scorching and shrinking.

* Fuzz-stopping technology.

* Excellent opacity on dark fabric.

* Light colors such as daisy and gold do not require a white underbase.

Hybrid Series ink icon.

Hybrid Series: Very opaque, yet very soft hand ink for use on cotton and poly/cotton.  Gold ink on black fabric?  Simply print-flash-print and you will get perfect coverage.  The new Hybrid FF White has increased opacity, bleed resistance, and an amazingly fast flash cure time.


Best Features:


* Soft feel

* Very flexible

* Opaque on dark cotton and poly/cotton

Hybrid Series ink icon.

Hybrid FF Series: Hybrid FF Series is a version of our popular Hybrid Series with a far faster flash cure time.  the faster flash cure speed will prevent problems such as shrinking, scorching, and fabric discoloration.  Just like the original version, Hybrid FF Series is fantastic at holding down the "fuzz".  The opacity of colors such as daisy and gold allow for print, flash, print coverage on dark fabric.


Best Features:


* Holds down the "fuzz" of the fabric.

* Fastest flash cure time prevents damage to the fabric.

* High opacity colors will not require a white underbase.

Dream White ink icon.

Dream White: The Dream White is quite simply the easiest cotton ink to work with.  The viscosity is perfect for manual and automatic printing.  The coverage on dark cotton is great.  It has just a pinch of puff to it for that extra boost of coverage needed to rise above the cotton fibers that often stick up.


Best Features:


* Great fuzz hold-down

* Soft finish

* Very opaque on dark cotton

* Great ink for printing hot peel transfers

Super Smooth White ink icon.

Super Smooth White: Printing four color process and simulated process requires a flat underbase.  Super Smooth White was formulated to be the flattest possible surface for this type of fine detail printing.  Even if you are just printing a simple multi-color design, this white will allow your prints to stay smooth and opaque.


Best Features:


* Best underbase ink for printing fine detail

* Extremely opaque

* No puffy texture

* Print through coarse or fine screen mesh with ease

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