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Photo of Tekmar TS-VLR.

Remove Heat Press Material

Tekmar TS-VLR is a customer friendly solvent formulated to break down the bond between Vinyl Letters and fabric.  If you have ever heat pressed material on a shirt and instantly regretted the placement or the text, this chemical will get you out of the dog house.  Watch the following video to see just how easy it is to remove lettering.  Video

Sublimax LC Series screen printing ink.

Screen Print Sublimated Fabrics

Traditionally, screen printing sublimated poly has been very difficult.  We have formulated a new ink to solve this most difficult problem.  Sublimax LC is a low temperature ink that will cure as low as 270º F.  This prevents the dyes from becoming active, making your white print look bright and white like it should.  Sublimax LC

Photograph of screen printing ink on baseball uniforms.

Bravo Flex Series

Screen printing ink for 100% polyester has never been so effective against dye migration.  The Bravo Flex White and colors will put an end to these problems for good.  Better yet, this is a universal plastisol ink.  This means it can print on virtually any fabric including Lycra® and Spandex® blends.  Bravo Flex

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Does your artist use Pantone® colors when creating art work?  If so, they could be costing you thousands of dollars a year in custom ink colors.  We offer Adobe® and CorelDRAW® downloads in each of our ink series so your artist can choose from our stock color selection.  Check out our Downloads page today!

Screen Printing Video Collection

Screen printing video collection YouTube logo.

We have compiled a large collection of videos for our customers to learn more about our screen printing supplies.  All of these short videos are available at the One Stroke Inks YouTube page.  Click the icon at the top of all our web pages or simply click the following link to go straight there.  Visit often!  YouTube

Understanding CPSIA Regulations

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One Stroke Inks is a great source for CPSIA information, phthalate-compliant ink, and non phthalate screen printing ink.  There has been much confusion regarding the CPSIA.  Our customers want to know what plastisol ink they can use and what type of apparel this legislation effects.  You are in the right place to learn more.

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