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One Stroke Inks is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  This is perfectly located in the center of the country.  Thanks to the UPS Worldwide Hub, we can reach far distances in only one and two business days.  Chicago, Illinois is only one day away.  Miami, Florida is only two days away.  The entire state of Oklahoma is only two days away.  As you can see, the UPS Worldwide Hub gives us shipping ability not found anywhere else.


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One Stroke Inks is a manufacturer of plastisol ink.  That's right!  We know screen printing inks so well due to the fact that we actually make the ink here in Louisville, Kentucky.  How many ink distributors out there can say this?  If you know us, you know we are the innovators in plastisol ink technology.  When a new fabric or a new problem appears, we are the first to take notice and solve it.  We have the ink which will impress you!

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One Stroke Inks takes the CPSIA regulations seriously.  This is why we test all of our plastisol screen printing inks by a third party to ensure they are compliant with the CPSIA regulations regarding phthalates and lead in children's clothing and products.  We have a complete section of our website dedicated to compliance.  Please visit our Compliance page to download test results, certificates of compliance, or simply to learn more about the regulations.